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13 October 2030 @ 01:14 pm
2014/10/24 - PIERROT - I SAID「HELLO」- | さいたまスーパーアリーナ
2014/10/25 - PIERROT - BIRTHDAY - | さいたまスーパーアリーナ (Arlequin AREA)
2014/10/26 - SABBAT NIGHT 2014 13th Anniversary Bash - EGG BRAIN, TOTALFAT, Septaluck, etc. | 新木場STUDIO COAST

2014/10/23 Japan Night in TIMM - [Alexandros], サカナクション, VAMPS | Zepp DiverCity 東京
2014/02 - SOUNDWAVE XV | Australia

2014/02/16 - Y.E.S. 933 Special Mini Live Featuring flumpool~Acoustic Special Edition~ | Switch
2014/03/02 - TAKING BACK SUNDAY Live in Singapore | Scape - The Ground Theater
2014/08/21 - FAKE FACE 「FACES TOUR 2014」 - Survive Said The Prophet, Five New Old, FAKE FACE, etc | 広島ナミキジャンクション
2014/08/23 - THE MANZAI ツアー in 名古屋 - NON STYLE/ジャルジャル/千鳥/ウーマンラッシュアワー/東京ダイナマイト/レイザーラモン/チーモンチョーチョウ | 日本特殊陶業市民会館 フォレストホール
2014/08/27 - 『連載・おとといミーティング~ジャルジャルちゃん~vol.10』 - ジャルジャル, lego big morl | 東京・恵比寿CAFE PARK
2014/08/29 to 31 - SWEET LOVE SHOWER 2014 | 山梨県 山中湖交流プラザ きらら
2014/09/03 - YOU ME AT SIX LIVE IN SINGAPORE | Scape - The Ground Theater
2014/09/12 - Anberlin The Final Tour | TAB Singapore

2013/01/11 - Muse (Supporting act: [Champagne]) | さいたまスーパーアリーナ
2013/02/11 - 「THE BAWDIES TOUR 2013」 | 新木場 STUDIO COAST Lost because it wasn't paid for in time T_T
2013/04/02 - Fall Out Boy "Save Rock and Roll Premium Live" | 恵比寿LIQUIDROOM
2013/04/03 - 9mm Parabellum Bullet | Zepp DiverCity 東京
2013/04/06 - シド 10th Anniversary Live | 横浜スタジアム
2013/04/07 - TOTALFAT 13th Anniversary "THE PUNK ROCK SHOW Returns!!" Day 2 | 八王子Match Vox
2013/05/25 - ONE OK ROCK 2013 "人生×君=" TOUR | 横浜アリーナ
2013/05/26 - But by Fall | 下北沢Shelter
2013/06/16 - THE BAWDIES 1-2-3 Tour 2013 | 横浜アリーナ
2013/08/06 - Fall Out Boy "Save Rock and Roll Tour 2013" | Fort Canning Park
2013/08/13 - the HIATUS "Horse Riding Tour 2013" | Zepp Tokyo
2013/08/16 - TOTALFAT | 渋谷CLUB QUATTRO
2013/11/10 - Matchbox 20 "North Tour" | Singapore Indoor Stadium
2013/11/22 - ONE OK ROCK 2013 "Who are you??Who are we??" Tour | The Coliseum, Hard Rock Hotel
2013/12/20 - TOKYO FM EARTH × HEART Project ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION × STRAIGHTENER ~10th Anniversary Asia Circuit~ | SCAPE Warehouse

2012/01/22 - ONE OK ROCK 「残響リファレンス Tour Final」 | 横浜アリーナ
2012/01/24 - the HIATUS 「A World Of Pandemonium Tour 2011-2012」 | Zepp Tokyo
2012/01/29 - PUNISHER'S NIGHT 2012 - TOTALFAT, etc | 渋谷CLUB QUATTRO
2012/03/01 - the HIATUS 「A World Of Pandemonium Tour 2011-2012」 Tour Final | 新木場STUDIO COAST
2012/03/13 - Applicat Spectra & WEAVER | Singapore: *SCAPE
2012/03/31 - PUNKSPRING 2012 | 幕張メッセ
2012/04/06 - TOTALFAT 【FAT 'EM ALL ~TOTALFAT 12th Anniversary~】 | 新宿ACB
2012/04/25 - [Champagne] “TOUR Schwarzenegger 2012” | F.A.D Yokohama
2012/05/10 - Lady Gaga | さいたまスーパーアリーナ
2012/05/11 - But by Fall | 渋谷タワーレコード
2012/05/13 - L'Arc~en~Ciel 20th Anniversary WORLD TOUR 2012 THE FINAL | Nissan Stadium
2012/05/26-27 - ROCKS TOKYO 2012 | 東京若洲公園
2012/05/30 - ONE OK ROCK "Start Walking The World Tour" | 新木場STUDIO COAST
2012/06/29 - [Champagne] “TOUR Schwarzenegger 2012” | Shibuya AX Going back to Singapore to catch Mraz and OOR
2012/06/29 - Jason Mraz " Tour is a Four Letter Word" | Singapore: The Meadow, Gardens by the Bay
2012/06/30 - ONE OK ROCK "Start Walking The World Tour" | Singapore: *SCAPE
2012/08/03-05 - ROCK IN JAPAN 2012 | 茨城・国営ひたち海浜公園
2012/08/24 - But by Fall 「A Bloody Love Letter」 Tour Final GUEST: ROACH, MY FIRST STORY | Shibuya O-WEST
2012/09/11 - [Champagne]×SHARKS JAPAN TOUR 2012 | 恵比寿 LIQUIDROOM
2012/11/23 - TOTALFAT 「Wicked Friends, Be Naked!!」 Tour 2012 | Zepp DiverCity 東京
2012/12/05 - the HIATUS The Afterglow Tour 2012 | 東京NHKホール
2012/12/29 - COUNTDOWN JAPAN 12/13 | 幕張メッセ Halls 1 - 8
2012/12/31 - COUNTDOWN JAPAN 12/13 | 幕張メッセ Halls 1 - 8

2011/01/27 - LOCAL SOUND STYLE 「Before The Daylight Vol. 4」 - "The Symphony" Release Party. Guest: OCEANLANE/GLORY HILL | 下北沢Shelter
2011/02/10 - GLORY HILL 「Teenage Revival Tour 2011」 GUEST: EGG BRAIN/stack44 | BAYSIS (横浜)
2011/02/13 - OCEANLANE 「URBAN SONNET TOUR」 | BAYSIS (横浜) Overlapping with 甘CATCH ALL NIGHT 2011
2011/02/13 - CATCH ALL RECORDS presents 『甘CATCH ALL NIGHT 2011』 | 新宿ACB HALL
2011/02/24 - ESP presents "Move On!!!" (TOTALFAT, etc.) | 川崎CLUB CITTA'
2011/02/27 - LOCAL SOUND STYLE x aie インストアライブ | タワーレコード渋谷店B1「STAGE ONE」 Going to Otaki :(
2011/03/03 - Kagrra, 終焉~桜舞い散るあの丘で~ | 渋谷C.C.Lemonホール
2011/03/20 - GO! FES 2011 (Day 2) | 幕張メッセ Cancelled
2011/04/16 - 「SKULLSHIT 15th ANNIVERSARY 骸骨祭り」 - the HIATUS/TOTALFAT/EGGBRAIN/etc. | さいたまスーパーアリーナ
2011/04/25 - ONE OK ROCK 「Answer is aLive」 Tour 2011 GUEST: SUPER BEAVER, coldrain, オレスカバンド, OKAMOTO'S | 新木場STUDIO COAST
2011/04/30 - GLORY HILL 「Teenage Revival Tour 2011」 FINAL ONE-MAN | 渋谷 CLUB QUATTRO
2011/05/04 - COMIN'KOBE'11 | 神戸ポートアイランド
2011/05/22 - “MIX JUICE” with 黒帯カポエイラ / Midnight_Lazy / 8283 / Dread Nought / ザ・花見スタイル | 横浜FAD
2011/05/28-29 - ROCKS TOKYO 2011 | 東京若洲公園 (Day One Report | Day Two Report)
2011/06/09 - STANCE PUNKS presents「ロックの日 vol.12~SAVE THE NIPPON~」 GUESTS: andymori, Nothing's Carved in Stone, etc. | 川崎CLUB CITTA'
2011/06/15 - THE 衝動 - Random Dot Stereogram, PYGMY, THE BEAM, THE DIRT RADICALS, DON'T TURN AWAY | 高田馬場CLUB PHASE
2011/06/19 - [Champagne] tour 2011 「I Wanna Go To Hawaii. ~いや、総長マジで~」 | 恵比寿LIQUIDROOM
2011/06/26 - GRAND COLOR STONE 「GRAND COLOR STONE全力ワンマン2011東京編」 | 渋谷 O-Crest Forgot. Stabs self.
2011/06/28 - EGG BRAIN 「EGG BRAIN's THIS IS NOT レコ発 ~ONE MAN SHOW TOUR~」 | 下北沢 Shelter
2011/07/01 - ROCK'A'TRENCH 「Active Rock vol.1」 GUEST: tobaccojuice | 代官山UNIT
2011/07/05 - Goodbye yesterday vol.43 - BACKWARD REGION 「This Is Our Challenges」 RELEASE TOUR - BACKWARD REGION, 22nd RIOT, One's second son, 歌うアホウドリ | 東京 新宿ACB
2011/07/09 - THE BAWDIES 「LIVE THE LIFE I LOVE」TOUR 2011 | Zepp Tokyo
2011/07/27 - SOUND SHOOTER Vol. 6 - the HIATUS, THE BAWDIES, etc. | 新木場STUDIO COAST
2011/07/28 - TOTALFAT 「THE HERO IS DAMNED TOUR 2011」 | 八王子Match Vox
2011/07/29 - But by Fall 【"Take Back Your Romance"Release Tour】 | 下北沢SHELTER
2011/08/13-14 - SUMMER SONIC 2011 | 幕張メッセ, QVC Marine Field
2011/08/18 - TREASURE05X legendary origin - lego big morl, plenty, WEAVER, etc. | ZEPP Nagoya
2011/08/21 - stack44 [NAVIGATION LIGHT Release TOUR 2011] GUEST: the monochrome holiday | 岐阜RAD REVER
2011/08/23 - Kings Vol. 3 - PILLS EMPIRE, QUATTRO, THE BAWDIES, the brixton academy, the telephones | 新木場STUDIO COAST
2011/09/10 - L'Arc~en~Ciel 20th L'Anniversary Tour | さいたま さいたまスーパーアリーナ
2011/09/16 - ALL TIME LOW JAPAN TOUR 2011 (GUEST: We Are The In Crowd) | duo MUSIC EXCHANGE (東京都)
2011/09/17 - ALL TIME LOW, We Are The In Crowd (Acoustic In-store Event) | BOARDERS FACT Harajuku
2011/09/18 - TOTALFAT 「THE HERO IS DAMNED TOUR 2011」 | 渋谷AX
2011/10/09 - CATCH ALL SHOW 2011 | 新宿 LOFT
2011/11/08 - GLORY HILL With No Love リリースツアー『ReBorn to be wild』 | 下北沢SHELTER
2011/11/12 - But by Fall presents JOIN THE PARADE vol. 2 | 新宿ACB HALL
2011/11/13 - Getting Better~15th Anniversary Party“DREAM ON”~ - TOTALFAT / BIGMAMA / [Champagne] | 新木場STUDIO COAST
2011/11/27 - THE BAWDIES 「LIVE THE LIFE I LOVE」TOUR 2011 | 日本武道館
2011/12/03 - L'Arc~en~Ciel 20th L'Anniversary Tour | 大阪 京セラドーム大阪
2011/12/04 - L'Arc~en~Ciel 20th L'Anniversary Tour | 大阪 京セラドーム大阪
2011/12/11 - Fear,and Loathing in Las Vegas 「NEXTREME Release Tourファイナルシリーズ」 | 代官山UNIT
2011/12/16 - [Champagne] 「This Summer Festival」 Guest: Nothing's Carved In Stone, a flood of circle | 赤坂BLITZ
2011/12/25 - 聖CATCH ALL NIGHT 2011 - But by Fall, etc. | 新宿ACB
2011/12/31 - COUNTDOWN JAPAN 11/12 | 幕張メッセ Halls 1 - 8

2010/10/10 - CATCH ALL SHOW 2010 | Zepp Tokyo
2010/10/21 - NEW BLOOD vol.88 A PHOENIX FOREVER | 原宿アストロホール
2010/11/13 - TOTALFAT “OVER DRIVE” tour 2010 TOUR FINAL | 赤坂BLITZ
2010/11/27 - LACCO TOWER TOUR 2010 「探心旅行」 ツアーファイナル ワンマンライブ | 新宿LOFT
2010/12/03 - GLORY HILL 「Break the deadRock VOL. 1」 GUEST: B-DASH/LOCAL SOUND STYLE | 渋谷CLUB QUATTRO
2010/12/17 - EGG BRAIN 「I-SCREAM NIGHT VOL. 1」 GUEST: ivory7 chord | 下北沢Daisy Bar
2010/12/31 - COUNTDOWN JAPAN 10/11 | 幕張メッセ Halls 1 - 8

2010/12/29 - 『半端ねぇNIGHT 2010 -第4日目-』 | 新宿ACB HALL Overslept. Way to fail, self.
2011/03/06 - CATCH ALL TOURS 2011 「WE ARE NEXT HEROES」 | 厚木THUNDER SNAKE Money woes.
2011/03/25 - ASIAN GLORY TOUR (dirt Radicals, DON'T TURN AWAY, etc.) | 高田馬場PHASE Cancelled due to quake.
2011/03/26 - ASIAN GLORY TOUR (dirt Radicals, DON'T TURN AWAY, etc.) | BAYSIS (横浜) Cancelled due to quake.
2011/03/27 - CATCH ALL TOURS 2011 「WE ARE NEXT HEROES」 | 渋谷EGGMAN Not in Japan.
2011/06/13 - BACKWARD REGION 「This Is Our Challenges」 RELEASE TOUR | 東京 初台WALL Wurk :(
2011/07/06 - BACKWARD REGION 「This Is Our Challenges」 RELEASE TOUR | 神奈川 横浜BAYSIS School nonsense :(((
2011/07/10 - OCEANLANE 「URBAN SONNET TOUR」 | 渋谷CLUB QUATTRO School nonsense.
2011/07/17 - 蓮沼2011 - stack44, FUNKIST, MAN WITH A MISSION, etc. | 日比谷野外大音楽堂 Sick.
2011/07/29-31 - FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL'11 | 新潟県 湯沢町 苗場スキー場 No money + no time :((
2011/08/05-07 - ROCK IN JAPAN FES. 2011 | 国営ひたち海浜公園 Overseas for conference :(((((
2011/08/24 - ブレーメンの音楽隊 - RADICAL ARTS(f.岐阜)/THE BEAM(f.岡山)/あずさ2号/...and more | 横浜 BB STREET
2011/08/25 - KINOTO proudly presents 「言動力 vol.9」 ジャズネコ 試聴 / THE BEAM (from 岡山) 試聴 / EDDIE / Knick Knack Knife and more... | 渋谷 CLUB 乙
2011/09/25 - stack44 [NAVIGATION LIGHT Release TOUR 2011] | 渋谷CLUB QUATTRO
2012/12/09 - [Champagne] presents "This Summer Festival 2012" | 新木場STUDIO COAST

2010/12/28 - Plastic Tree 年末公演~ゆくプラ くるプラ~ | 東京JCB HALL Unsuccessful :(
2011/05/14 - THE BAWDIES - "Sweet Black Girl" (※女性限定ライブ) | 下北沢 SHELTER
2011/05/24 - ONE OK ROCK 「Answer is aLive」 Tour 2011 | Zepp Tokyo
2011/05/25 - ONE OK ROCK 「Answer is aLive」 Tour 2011 | Zepp Tokyo
2011/05/28 - L’Arc~en~Ciel結成20周年の記念ライヴ 「20th L’Anniversary Live」 | 味の素スタジアム
2011/07/08 - THE BAWDIES TOUR 2011 | Zepp Tokyo
2011/09/11 - L'Arc~en~Ciel 20th L'Anniversary Tour | さいたま さいたまスーパーアリーナ
2013/04/08 - [Champagne] TOUR 2013 Venga Venga! ~四人暮らしを解消すれば君も…Perfect Body!!~ | 新宿 LOFT
2013/04/09 - [Champagne] TOUR 2013 Venga Venga! ~四人暮らしを解消すれば君も…Perfect Body!!~ | 代官山 UNIT
2013/04/12 - [Champagne] TOUR 2013 Venga Venga! ~四人暮らしを解消すれば君も…Perfect Body!!~ | 渋谷 QUATTRO
2013/04/13 - [Champagne] TOUR 2013 Venga Venga! ~四人暮らしを解消すれば君も…Perfect Body!!~ | 恵比寿LIQUIDROOM

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12 July 2012 @ 10:44 pm
Final presentation for the thesis this Saturday (yea, welcome to the mess Keio is -_-). I've been working on the presentation while taking time off to level my priest and rogue. Or more accurately, I've been levelling my priest and rogue while taking time off to work on the presentation :x

Started on TBC quests just after I dinged 58 for my rogue because I had cleared all the Blasted Lands quests and had no choice but to go through the portal. Finally levelled to 60, and that was the most excruciating 2 levels ever (not to mention the fact that I already don't have a liking for Hellfire Peninsula levelling). It was terrible because loads of my attacks would miss (25% chance of miss on level 62 ftw), which means I couldn't get combo points, which means I couldn't do special attacks etc. I then casually opened up my quest log... and found that the quests were all orange to me. No wonder -_- Even half the mobs I fought were orange to me. Got my ass saved by a Goblin Hunter (i.e. opposite faction) when I accidentally pulled too many mobs and was almost going to use Vanish to save my skin. Maybe I should've run a couple of dungeons, hit 60, then head through the portal.

Specced Shadow for my priest, and am having a surprisingly easy time levelling. Meet Azaleia, all decked out in resplendent purple! I think I'll keep the piece just for transmog purposes. I don't feel as squishy as the last time I levelled a mage, possibly because in the event of pulling more than 1 mob, I can just throw up Power Word: Shield without breaking Shadow Form and tank the damage while trying to burn down the mobs as fast as possible. Have only died once so far around the level 10 to 15 range, and I think that was when I survived pulling 2, nearly OOM-ed, and accidentally aggroed anotheralmost immediately after. Compare this to the mage whose first death was at level 5 or so. I don't know whether I'm OOM-ing so much due to (near) chain pulling or it's normal for priests to OOM. Anyway, just finished up the Arathi Highlands quests, heading to The Hinterlands next! Was considering levelling via dungeons (to help get over the fear of healing in dungeons (will possibly OS Holy) but I had already specced Shadow. Just unlocked dual spec, though... I kinda feel like questing until maybe TBC because I haven't quested in these areas before. We shall see.

Guild Dragon Soul run on Friday night, presentation on Saturday morning, and friend's Firelands run on Saturday night!
07 July 2012 @ 02:52 pm
Referring to the server, not the character.

I recently (okay, not so recent. Just that I took a long break for Diablo 3 and am now back) rolled on Saurfang in my search for a PVE server to transfer my toons to. Decided to level a human rogue. Before I stopped to try out D3, I was level 24. As of now, I'm level 46. Not too shoddy for 3 days' work, although I somehow feel that the levelling is kinda slow. Maybe it's because I'm not tearing through mobs like on my hunter. Actually, it's also probably slow since I'm doing green quests, but I'm aiming for completion and knowing the story this time around, rather than just efficient levelling.

But I digress. Was levelling in Eastern Plaguelands last night, at the part where you have to go collect some spider fluids to rescue Gidwynn Goldbraid (who was trapped in a cocoon). So you have to go into the tunnel to kill the spider thingys, and lo and behold, I bump into FIVE other people. Five people (2 Horde - 1 85, 3 Alliance - 1 85) in a small tunnel in the middle of nowhere. I never used to bump into people while levelling in Barthilas (where I would promptly go "OMG HORDE RUNNNN" since it's a PVP server) and Nagrand. Everything was dead (because everyone was on the same quest) and people were just running up and down the tunnel looking for spawns. I stealthed, and the 85 Tauren /wave at me in my stealthed state. I was very amused, and /hello him back.

I logged off to play D3 with a friend and returned to level about 4 hours later. Was swimming around in the lake looking for the quest mobs, and saw the same Troll Warlock I met in the tunnels 4 hours ago. Went about my merry way questing, and was jogging out of Light's Hope Chapel in search of more mobs, when a level 31 Blood Elf rogue literally SPRINTED past me, a bat hot on his heels. Eastern Plaguelands is a level 40 to 45 levelling area, so he was severely underlevelled and would've been eaten alive by the bat. I think he must have been using the Sprint skill that rogues have, because his character model was actually sprinting the way an athlete would near the finishing line. That image made the scene even more amusing. Anyway, I don't think he turned around to look while he was escaping, but I killed the bat for him. What he was doing in that zone, I have no idea, but thank you sir for providing the lolz.

Also bumped into two people levelling, and see later that they've bought stuff from the AH from me. Seems that one's a tailor, and the other's a LW.

As I'm writing this too, I've bumped into 2 other people levelling as well. Is Eastern Plaguelands a good levelling place or something? Or is it just that Saurfang has more people levelling than Barthilas or Nagrand had? Or maybe I'm just online at the peak periods?

Amusing events aside, I really loved the Darrowshire (at Eastern Plaguelands) and James Hyal (Theramore Isle - yes I decided to quest there for the last time before it gets destroyed in Mists of Pandaria) questlines. Made me cry ;_;

AND to top it all off, I looted Parrot Cage (Hyacinth Macaw) off a panther while questing in STV yesterday. Prices for it on the AH are INSANE (30000g last I checked), so it's awesome that I'm lucky enough to be able to get the pet for free :D
Current Mood: amusedamused
My first report in what feels (and probably is) eternity. It's definitely going to be a lot shorter than my previous wall of texts but it's a start, I guess? Also, I'm going to cheat by putting in videos.


On love, in sadness.Collapse )

Photobucket     Photobucket

View of Marina Bay Sands and the tree structures of the Gardens by the Bay as I was leaving (read: slowly shuffling out of) the area.

Next live: 2012/06/30 - ONE OK ROCK "Start Walking The World Tour" | Singapore: *SCAPE
01 January 2012 @ 09:40 am
It's been ages since I last wrote an entry. But I kinda feel compelled to write about this year's Countdown Japan. This will just be a summary, which will (hopefully) turn into something like the report I wrote last year and not languish around like those unposted entries I still have on lives... 2 months back D: Also, I just returned home and haven't slept yet. So please pardon the occasional strange stuff I will probably end up writing.

The Day's Original Schedule:
Dragon Ash
Nothing's Carved in Stone
Plastic Tree

The Day's Actual Schedule:
Dragon Ash
Nothing's Carved in Stone
Plastic Tree

Not too bad, give and take I guess.
I wrote down a list of songs I remember the bands playing. Probably not in order. If I put a *, it means it's in order.

[Champagne] (Cosmo Stage)
For Freedom*
Rock n Rolla!
Cat 2

- Yoohei's hairstyle seemed to have change (which was something I noticed at "This Summer Fest" as well). Not full mushroom head, but with a parted fringe, and possibly as little straighter and longer? Though of course when they sweat, the curls come back. Speaking of hairstyles, Hiro looked as if his hair got straighter too. The other two (Satoyasu, Maa-kun) are never-changing (please don't change, you're awesome the way you are).

- Hiro: "I'm batman." No, he didn't really say that. Just wore a shirt with the batman logo

- It felt like their regular lives, really. Which is good.

SEKAI NO OWARI (Earth Stage)

- The Earth Stage was the biggest stage, with the fanciest lightings and set-ups. I liked how the band seemed to try to get the most out of it all, spamming the audience with lasers and actually making use of the screen for something other than showing random patterns.

- Although there was a part where they put quotes regarding death on the screen, and I was liek "Huh, why so morbid?". But that led into 不死鳥, so I guess it's just theatrics.

- I liked the over-enthusiastic fans at the back at first, since they were actively cheering and clapping unlike the dead people around me. However, they totally fucked up the atmosphere by chattering and laughing loudly during the piano solo of 幻の命, where it's totally silent with just the tinkle of the piano. It's supposed to be a beautiful moment. Not ready to forgive you all for some time.

ONE OK ROCK (Earth Stage)

- They had instrument trouble right at the start, and the band stopped playing after the first song ended. Honestly, I didn't even notice something was wrong. Looking at whatever was going on on stage, it seemed that there was drum trouble, because Tomoya tossed his sticks away in a rather "what the hell fuck this shit" way (attitude, yo). Taka covered the screw up very nicely by talking though. Taka, you go boy. THAT is how professionals do it.

- Ryota and his crab stance when playing the bass never fails to make me lol. Tako, he is a worthy candidate for the title of "Prince of Magic Strippers" since he can have his shirt on one moment, but it's gone the next moment I look. Also, love his bass and it's red flashy lights (yes I know other people like Tetsu use it too buuutttttt I saw it on Ryota first).

- They played C.h.a.o.s.m.y.t.h <3 Been wanting to hear this live, and was also interested to find out how it was pronounced.

- Cannot wait to catch them at Yokohama Arena. I think their songs are awesome at large venues.

the HIATUS (Earth Stage)
World of Pandemonium*
Bittersweet / Hatching Mayflies
The Flare

- Just realised how small Hosomi is when I saw the guitar tech guy towering over him.

- I'm not sure what song he played during the sound check, but (and i know I'm not alone in this) I really like how he really sings and plays the guitar during the soundcheck just as he would during a performance. The audience was clapping and all, and he went, "Hey guys, this is just a rehearsal. See you all later."

- Singing "save me" at the top of my lungs with everyone during Insomnia was, and has always been, a catharthic experience for me.

- I guess he must be really anti-commercial or something. Talked about that during the MC, and said that now that it was going into the new year, the HIATUS would only not only not do anything related to that, they would only do the things they felt 100% towards and nothing less. He asked the audience why we were doing the hand-waving motion and said that he never understood why. Also, asked us, "What is rock? Okay the people writing the quick report for thie event are going to give me hell for this later but whatever. Rock isn't blaring guitars or hard hitting beats. It's what you feel in your heart."

- I don't know why, but seeing Hosomi smile makes me happy.

- Spectacle lense, meet right eyeball. If not for the fact that I would die if I wore contacts to this fest, I would have worn them.

Dragon Ash (Earth Stage - Countdown)
Viva La Revolution
La Bamba

- Okay I'm not a big fan so I don't know the song titles. Those 3 songs were played after the countdown.

- I'm always impressed when a band manages to get even the people at the back to dance and sing along, because that's where all the casual audiences are (usually). Anyway, much respect for him after catching them at 2011's ROCKS TOKYO.

- Kenji: "Happy new year, motherfuckers!" :D

Nothing's Carved in Stone (Galaxy Stage)
November 15th
Around the Clock
Inside Out (new song)

- Taku: "CDJ!!!!!!!!!" (crowd has no response) "Okay, I guess that failed." Ubukata: "CDJ!!" (some response). They both lol-ed. Such goons haha.

- I THINK Inside Out is a new single due to be released this year. Don't remember it being part of an album.

- Hinatch, the most popular member of NCIS XD

- It's really a joy to listen to them play, because they not only sound good as an entire band, but you can pick apart the instruments and listen to them individually, and you'd be awed all the same since they're such awesome musicians in their own right. I'm a rhythm person, so I especially love listening to their drums and bass.

Plastic Tree (Cosmo Stage)
Uh.. No songs for this one because I skipped the first song, and can't really be bothered to go google to find out what was the other song they played (apart from the new song).

- Finally met the dude behind my gmail address haha.

- They sound different live. Ryuutaro's sounded... pretty normal. I always thought his voice sounded ethereal in recordings, but ohwell. That part was a little disappointing heh.

- Ryuutaro wore this kimono-sleeved outfit. It did look nice, if only because I liked these aesthetics.

- They're releasing a new single. Can't remember when though.

- Visual kei fangirls out in full force (i.e. the "Ryuutaro~~~~" squeals lol)

EGG BRAIN (Cosmo Stage)
The Sweetest Lullaby
Cross the Sky

- Decided to join the mosh as much as possible, since I won't be able to watch their tour final at LIQUIDROOM as it clashes with ONE OK ROCK's Yokohama Arena show T_T

- As usual, really fun and loads of energy.

- Joey: "There are so many people here... I want to see a fucking big circle!!!" And a circle was just what we gave him :)

TOTALFAT (Galaxy Stage
Ryan,Don't Worry
World of Glory
Highway Part2
See You Later, Take Care
All for You
Place To Try*
Good Fight & Promise You (Encore)*

- I thought that I was too dehydrated to sweat anymore, but I was proven wrong. Greatest workout of the entire fest. And to think that it was already 4.10am.

- Also thought that seeing the HIATUS was enough to bring me into the new year, but I couldn't have been more mistaken. I never smiled as much during the entire day's performances as compared to TOTALFAT.

- Shun: "It's well and good to live your life stoically, never allowing your weakness to show through. But I think it's perfectly alright for you to let others know when when you are down, to cry when you are hurt." Why do the things you say always hit the spot exactly? I confess, I teared up.

- After the encore, they came out and Shun went, "Do you know what time it is? It's 4, but not 4pm.. 4am yo?" I think it was at this point (or perhaps earlier) that the entire crowd went "Good morning~~~" ahaha. He went, "Plus we're getting on in age too haha." You're only going to be 28 this year, it's alrightttt :D

- The biggest circle I've ever seen during "Good Fight & Promise You". Well, it was a valiant attempt which broke into two smaller (though still very large) circles in the end. But when I saw the first circle, I was all "HOSHIZZZZZZ THIS IS AWESOME".
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14 November 2011 @ 04:56 am
Hello from the new laptop. It's been AGES sicne I last blogged. In fact, I have an entry sitting unpublished for public viewing because it's a live report and it isn't finished yet. It feels like I'm half-giving up on writing these things, considering that today is the third show I've been to since coming back to Japan, and I haven't written jack about the previous two. In fact, I haven't even loaded the data into my laptop yet. Tells you how high this is on my priority list at the moment :/

But updates! I have been...

1) Learning how to programme in ActionScript 3. Was using Flixel, but I realised that it doesn't seem to be able to connect with the kind of serial input I want, and since everyone else online does it using Flash Professional CS3, it's probably more effective to just join them, considering that this is just to demo our device and definitely not worth spending so much time on.

2) Playing World of Warcraft. Yes, I just started on 31st October (or somewhere near there). I am halfway through level 73. As you can see, it has been a grand total of two whole weeks. I go questing with a friend who's been playing for years, so it's a lot faster, and he knows where all the "efficient in levelling" quests are. I have also been venturing into areas a little higher level than I am, so... yea fun times. But because I feel really bad holding everyone up just because I want to read the quest details, so I don't, and just chiong ahead together with them.

3) Needs to remind self to eat. I think coming back to Japan is making me 成仙. Have realised that I virtually haven't eaten the past two days, except 5 bananas and a pack of pea snacks. But there's no flashing light in my brain screaming at me to eat at all. Time to fix that.

4) Rediscovering music. The past week has been Shimokitazawa Shelter -> Shinjuku ACB Hall -> Shinkiba STUDIO COAST. I nearly didn't go for the GLORY HILL show, but dragged myself there since I had tickets already. Best decision ever, because it was enough to pull me out of the patch of unhappiness I'd been in ever since I came back to Japan. Well, not like things are all roses and rainbows at the moment, but it was a pretty deep pit I fell into :/

Also randomly, I was reminded of the power of storytelling (in games, in this case) when I was questing alone just now. There was actually a previous story about a dragon who was protecting an egg that was key to the future of dragonkind, and ended up sacrificing herself and her egg, which was used as a decoy. You get one of her eggs as a reward. I know I'm never going to sell that egg, or even use it (I think it's a one-off use?). But that was that, and I actually cried after finishing the "The Truth Shall Set Us Free" quest just now. Yes, I get all emotional over tales of the follies of mankind. And this is probably me thinking too much, but even though it was a really simple quest (i.e. go to location, use item (no fighting at all), watch things happen (if you want), go back and report to quest-giver), the amount of experience points you get from completing it is HUGE. To me, it represented the gravity and amount of meaning the job had. But of course, yes, I usually think too much anyway.

In any case, it makes me want to create alt characters, and go back to fully enjoy all the stories.

And I'm sleeping at 5am again, even though for once, I'm not playing World of Warcraft at this time.
13 October 2011 @ 12:06 am
I'm leaving the day after. And in fact, because it's a midnight flight, this means that I really leave tomorrow.

And I haven't packed, with a lot of stuff to clear up before I leave.


1) Pay school fees.
2) Pay rent.
3) Take whatever electrical components I think I need + breadboard back from school so I can pack them in.
4) Actually PACK my luggage. Oh god I don't know where to start man. Note to self: bring a set of warm clothing back, so that you won't freeze to death when you reach Haneda in November.
5) Get stuff from the airport.

And this one I can't do anything about, but it's perpetually stuck on my mind:

6) Pray that the L'Arc en Ciel tickets reach me before I leave.

Other than that, here's looking forward to hot and humid days and nights, good food, friends, fwens, and family :)
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I was going to write a live report of both the in-store event at Harajuku, and the fan Meet & Greet session, but since photos and videos were allowed at both the events, what better way for you to experience it than to be able to see it for yourself!

Part 2: It doesn’t matter where, I don’t care if people stare / Because I feel like dancin' tonight.Collapse )

Part 3: It was like a time bomb set into motion / We knew that we were destined to explode.Collapse )

Next live: 2011/09/18 - TOTALFAT 「THE HERO IS DAMNED TOUR 2011」 | 渋谷AX
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Because my recordings died and no one seems to have a setlist online, I'm going to try my best to write this from memory... which won't be much because it's been a happening few days in between :x

Part 1: I feel like dancing tonight.Collapse )

So glad I found out about ATL last year while randomly surfing through a friend's shared iTunes library. Would have missed out on all the awesomeness otherwise :)

Next live: 2011/09/17 - ALL TIME LOW, We Are The In Crowd (Acoustic In-store Event) | BOARDERS FACT Harajuku
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